Claire Sinclair on “Naked Vegas” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Claire Sinclair on Naked Vegas

(10 PM EST, Syfy)

We tend to ignore reality television here, but Playboy 2011 Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair is on Naked Vegas tonight. We’ll try something different for Claire Sinclair. Especially since Naked Vegas is a reality series about the best body painters in Sin City, and Claire Sinclair has taken over Las Vegas with her wild burlesque show.  [This isn’t the first time that See Her Tonight has gotten lucky with Playboy models, either–thanks to Kendra Wilkinson.]

Of course, we like the idea of watching the artisans of Naked Vegas laboring over Claire’s naked body. We’re still just as excited about getting to spend some time with Claire in a reality setting. You won’t meet many Playboy models more real than Claire Sinclair. We’ve had the pleasure of talking to her, and she’s relentlessly blunt about the ups and downs of being a sex symbol.

Claire is the daughter of a sports memorabilia dealer, so she actually grew up in the Vegas convention scene. That’s partly why she’s so unromantic about being so perfectly glamorous. Claire’s already said that her body paint session was mostly just tedious. We’re thinking, however, that it’s going to look pretty exciting in our living room. Especially after some time in the editing room.

This gallery is plenty exciting, too. We’ve mostly raided Claire’s Instagram account for her sexiest poses. That includes a few amazing pics where Claire joins the ranks of Jessica Rabbit impersonators. Check this out and get into training for Claire’s getting naked tonight…

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