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Christina Ricci: LIZZIE BORDEN Poster Reminds Guys That She’s Sexy [21 PICS]


Christina Ricci is looking sexy in the new poster for the Lifetime network’s upcoming Lizzie Borden movie–but we’re not sure why everyone is acting so surprised. We’ve been thinking of Christina Ricci as a total babe ever since…well, sometime after she was clearly of legal age. Let’s just be clear about that. Christina was probably 21 years old, so let’s say 2001. Yeah. Maybe it was 2003, just to be safe.

Anyway, Pan Am got canceled pretty quickly last year, so a lot of people missed out on Christina Ricci dolled up as a swinging ’60s stewardess. The show wasn’t too interesting as a Mad Men knock-off, but a few lucky guys were knocked out by Christina’s curves. It’s really been several years since Christina has been working that ethereal waif look that she rocked in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.

Of course, Christina had a bumpy career path shortly after that cultish hit. Her big adult debut in 2001′s Prozac Nation fizzled unexpectedly. She supported Charlize Theron’s Oscar-winning turn in 2003′s Monster, but then sat out a few years before bombing with the werewolf thriller Cursed in 2005. She couldn’t even break out when perfectly cast as a cartoon character in 2008′s Speed Racer.

The sole constant to Christina’s career has been an offbeat beauty that perfectly contrasts her womanly body. Check out the pics below for a quick reminder of how modern Christina Ricci can get you revved up–and there’s the full Lizzie Borden poster right underneath. Check them all out, and then admire our restraint in not coming up with a gag about 40 whacks…

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