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NBA2K14 Trailer Rubs Its Next-Gen Goodness All in Your Face With Its Newest Trailer


The next generation of video game consoles are upon us with the recent release of Microsoft’s Xbox One, the upcoming release of Sony’s PlayStation 4, and that thing that Nintendo released a while back that’s like your iPad if it wasn’t functional or fun.

The folks behind NBA2K14 aren’t wasting any time getting the word out about what these consoles can do with the latest trailer for their new sports game.

This latest trailer shows off more than just footage from the game or ways to feed LeBron James’ never-ending ego for the camera. It’s a full breakdown of the insane level of detail that the programmers and producers have put into the game to take full advantage of the new consoles’ graphics capabilities.

For instance, each home court has been built from the digital ground up from the well-polished floors that take advantage of the game’s newly revamped lighting system to the smallest scuff marks on the basket rims from the endless bricks that have bounced off it over the season. Of course, the most impressive aspect of the graphics are of the players themselves. Naturally, the graphics are so good that they look even closer to the real thing but they’ve taken it a step further by actually photographing the faces and reactions of every player on the NBA’s current starting roster and digitally mapping them on the player’s digital bodies.

Some of the new features of NBA2K14 include an “NBA Today” update system that provides the latest scores and news from the real NBA season, an expanded story mode that lets players create their own player and his drive to become an NBA great and a “MyGM” mode that puts players in the expensive, custom tailored shoes of a team’s general manager. There’s no word if the latter includes a special “screw the fans” mode that lets you move the team to a new city whenever you feel like it.

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