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Football Fan Falls From Balcony: Alcohol or Stupidity May Be Involved [VIDEO]


Professional sportcasters are speaking with great solemnity over yesterday’s tragedy at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, as a football fan fell from the third deck and landed on another football fan during the Bills’ game against the New York Jets. That was during the second quarter of what became the Buffalo’s 37-14 win. We are speaking with great solemnity about the poor guy who suffered a head injury after the guy in the balcony landed on him. We feel really bad for that guy. He was just trying to enjoy the game.

But the guy who fell? Well, he seems to be a real idiot. Check out the recurring video below. You don’t have to study this like it’s the Zapruder film to see that the moron was obviously going for a joyride along the railing. And because nature is cruel, the falling idiot–possibly lubricated by alcohol–only suffered a slight shoulder injury. Well, at least it’s not life-threatening. The other guy got a proper head injury.

So here’s the highlight reel. Be sure to let us know if there’s some kind of reasonable explanation for the behavior of the guy who fell. We’d hate to be making assumptions about idiocy at sporting events. Also, don’t worry if you didn’t get that reference to the Zapruder film. You’ll be hearing about that a lot on Friday…

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