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Jennifer Lawrence’s 30 Sexiest Sideboob Moments [PHOTOS]


It’s finally time for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire–and Jennifer Lawrence is promoting the movie with plenty of sideboob. The 23-year-old starlet first flashed the Catching Fire crowd at the 2013 Rome Film Festival. Then she got even more daring at the film’s Paris premiere this past Friday night. Nobody was wondering if Jennifer was wearing a bra. People were mostly wondering why Jennifer Lawrence bothered wearing a dress.

That’s kind of inspiring. It wasn’t that long ago (in fact, on the BBC just last week) that Jennifer was complaining about Hollywood treating young women as sexual objects. We were pretty sure that Jennifer was out to distance herself from Miley Cyrus. Still, Jennifer didn’t sound particularly preachy–even telling the Brits that her hot photo shoot for GQ a few years ago “was a PR move, basically, that I was completely comfortable with. I don’t have any regrets about that.”

We sure don’t have any regrets about Jennifer getting daring on the red carpet every time there’s a new movie to promote. We’re also looking forward to her in swinging ’70s fashions in the upcoming American Hustle. That’s the decade that practically invented sideboob. Jennifer Lawrence seems determined to perfect it, though, and we think you’ll find this gallery is full of perfection–and then you can check out the 40 Sexiest Jennifer Lawrence GIFS, and hot pics of Jennifer before she was famous. That was before her sideboob required a red carpet…

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