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It’s Mickey Mouse’s Birthday—-Celebrated By 29 Real Girls


According to the Disney corporation, the birthday of Mickey Mouse is officially November 18th–marking the anniversary of the classic Mickey Mouse cartoon Steamboat Willie. It wasn’t the first appearance of Mickey Mouse. Steamboat Willie was the first cartoon talkie, though, debuting way back in 1928. That was long before people ever predicted a Mickey Mouse empire with Mickey Mouse ears and Mickey Mouse telephones and Mickey Mouse watches.

And who could have predicted beautiful women sporting all of that Mickey Mouse merchandise? Surely not our great-great-grandfathers–who’d still probably be plenty thrilled to see ladies modeling Mickey Mouse apparel in all kinds of sexy ways. Yes, it’s a shame that our ancestors had to live in a time before the invention of sex. Well, that doesn’t sound right–but we don’t know enough about biology to really figure out the flaw in our statement.

The important thing is that hot babes love Mickey Mouse. That’s why Minnie Mouse still has to wear heels. She has competition. We’d like to think that Mickey himself would shed a tear if he was allowed to see these amazing pics of beautiful babes celebrating his proud legacy. We’re pretty sure that the Disney Company keeps Mickey locked away from these kinds of pics. It would just be too scandalous for Mickey to get caught in a love nest. Not even Olivia Pope could save Mickey’s reputation if he was caught with these kinds of gals–but it sure would do wonders for the reputations of the COED staff…

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