Anthony Kiedis At Lakers Game With Helena Vestergaard and Daisy Marie: Compare and Contrast [PHOTOS]

Did you have a good time watching sports this weekend? That’s nice. Anthony Kiedis had a better time. The longtime frontman for the Red Hot Chili Peppers went out to a Los Angeles Lakers game with his 20-year-old model girlfriend Helena Vestergaard–and ended up sitting next to adult star Daisy Marie. Which is just the kind of thing happens to us all of the time.

We’re going to assume that Anthony Kiedis handles that kind of thing better than ourselves. We would’ve just started dribbling on the spot. Anthony just seems to have enjoyed the game–while enjoying his girlfriend’s company and taking some time to chat up Daisy Marie. Which is only being polite. We’re sure that your girlfriend would be just as happy to see you taking the time to chat up a fellow sports fan. Right? Yeah.

But we should note that there’s a pretty big contrast between Daisy Marie and Helena Vestergaard. It’s like Kiedis was sitting between the Indiana Pacers and the Boston Celtics. Not that we’re saying that either of these ladies are losers. We just mean that one is a curvy babe, while the other is a classically sleek mannequin type. We will not choose one over the other.

We will, however, spend some time comparing and contrasting these beauties. We suggest you do the same, as we’ve assembled a Top 20 for each of the gals below. We’re sure that Anthony Kiedis did some comparing last night–but even he couldn’t get away with doing it as leisurely as we will now…

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