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Mystery Science Theater 3000’s “Turkey Day” to Air on Nov. 28: A Thanksgiving Tradition Returns


Thanksgiving is an imperfect holiday. Sure, you get to eat all the foods that you’re not supposed to eat and enjoy all the fringe benefits that come with it but you usually have to spend it with your family, a group of people so unfunny that even a TBS programming planner wouldn’t give them their own show. That’s all about to change next Thursday.

Back in its heyday on Comedy Central and The Syfy Channel, the cult comedy classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 would air a string of their best episodes all Thanksgiving Day for their annual “Turkey Day” marathon. The show may have been off the air for several years, but its creator (and principal star) Joel Hodgson is bringing “Turkey Day” back on the Internet.

But now the DVD powerhouse Shout! Factory–the company that’s been releasing special box sets of the show’s greatest episodes–has announced they are bringing the annual tradition back at starting at 12 p.m. Eastern, Thursday, Nov. 28.

The best part is that the episodes haven’t been picked up yet. Shout! Factory is letting the fans pick the episode that they want to see the most (Pod People) by Tweeting their requested episode to Joel’s Twitter page (Pod People). Joe will also do a special Reddit AMA at 4 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, Nov. 26 to talk about the show and the upcoming marathon (ask, nay, tell him to show Pod People). Hey, suddenly we have plans for Thanksgiving!

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