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“A Christmas Story” Turns 30—-Also the Number of Times You’ll See It During Christmas


Everyone and their mother has seen the classic holiday comedy A Christmas Story at least 147 times in their lifetime–and no one seems to be complaining about it. That’s because it’s easily the funniest movie ever made about a holiday since Silent Night, Deadly Night 2.

This year, director Bob Clarke’s cinematic classic turns 30-years-old and its undying fan base is sure to find some interesting ways to celebrate it. Let’s hope that includes a public bonfire where people can throw their DVD copies of A Christmas Story 2 on it.

The holiday classic is certainly worth celebrating. It’s not just one of our most well-loved Christmas films. It’s one of the most beloved comedy films ever because it’s damn funny. There are plenty of iconic and memorable scenes, from the old man’s “major award” leg lamp to Ralphie’s beloved Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle. In fact, A Christmas Story is responsible for a special company that sells nothing but Christmas Story items–including custom-made leg lamps that you can put in your living room window and be the envy of every male neighbor on the block.

The house in Cleveland, Ohio where the original movie was shot has become a Historic Preservation Society of sorts for the movie. The Christmas Story House & Museum has already started planning this year’s 30th anniversary with a massive Christmas Story convention at the end of November. That includes a reunion of the movie’s principal cast members, a live performance of the play, and musical versions based on the movie. There will also be a new showcase of the props and costumes used in the film’s forgotten Flash Gordon dream sequence that ended up on the cutting room floor.

In fact, just about any building or standing structure that had anything to do with the movie has something planned for the anniversary. The old Higbee department store building in downtown Cleveland is now a casino, but even they are recreating the iconic window scene from the film’s opening toy display sequence. Christmas Story supporting actor Scotty Schwartz (the kid with the tongue stuck to the pole) went on to a career in adult movies, but we’re still talking about a heck of a wholesome legacy. In fact, we won’t see this kind of 30th Anniversary Celebration for a movie until we celebrate Scarface in a few weeks. That’ll feel less homey.

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