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40 Amazing Sets of All-American Breasts to Be Thankful For [PICS]


Thanksgiving is synonymous with breasts. Turkey breasts–but breasts all the same. So you’ll please have to forgive us if our minds do a little bit of wandering on their own.

See, even in a time of financial trouble and government woes, America is still doing phenomenally well when it comes to big boobs. And to us that’s something that we can be thankful for. Because when you’ve got women like Kate Upton, Brooklyn Decker, Sara Jean Underwood, Devin Brugman, Lauren Hanley, and Katy Perry representing your nation, there’s more than enough of “stuffing” to go around.

So before I gross you out with another awful pun relating to boobs, why don’t we just get down to the celebrations?

Below are some breasts that have had their heads cropped off. Without looking at the link (i.e. cheating which is very un-American) see if you can guess the chest.

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