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Lady Gaga on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: Asi (in Tights) Steals The Show [VIDEO]


If you had told us that the big story in the aftermath of Lady Gaga hosting Saturday Night Live was a guy dancing in purple tights, we would’ve said–well, we probably would’ve gone along with it. The whole episode was kind of grasping at straws for a big moment. And while it was kind of fun to see Lady Gaga and R. Kelly getting down in the first musical number, it was really Gaga’s turn on “Gypsy” that seemed like classic SNL.

That’s partly because “Gypsy” sounds like it comes from the same pre-punk ’70s that birthed Saturday Night Live. The song sounds like Meat Loaf making a glam album, and Lady Gaga certainly found an outfit that captured the essence of Cher circa ’76. But the big story is when Asi (we’re told that it’s Asi) came out in his sparkling purple tights to just dance around and rock his tambourine.

We don’t think that Lady Gaga expected the technical glitch that came from moving to piano to guitar, but Asi sure helped with the recovery. We’re just calling him “Asi,” incidentally, because we don’t know his full name. It’s not like we’re friendly with the Lady Gaga crew. But if you want to look in the know, you can say “Asi” instead of “that guy in the purple tights.” Asi sure did a lot for purple tights, though. Maybe we’ll get Jeremy Renner finally sporting them as Hawkeye in the next Avengers movie.

And if ARTPOP‘s sales figures don’t improve, Asi may be looking for a job as an archer, too. Anyway, here’s the performance in case you missed it–with a commercial in front, but all that manly imagery ¬†will be forgotten soon enough…

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