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Woman Who Won The Week: Rihanna [VIDEO + PHOTOS]


Rihanna released a video for her new song “What Now” which means that she is the Woman Who Won The Week.

The video for “What Now” is a little tamer than her previous video for “Pour it Up.” “Pour it Up” featured Rihanna and several dancers twerking in what looked like a partially flooded, but still incredibly high end strip club. The video for “What Now” is not as overtly sexual, but it still features plenty of Rihanna so it’s impossible for the video to not be at least a little sexy. The video mostly has Rihanna freaking out in a few different rooms and gives off what Rihanna describes as a “demented” feel.

We wouldn’t really describe it as “demented,” but the video is a little creepy. Rihanna is pacing around her rooms like a prisoner at an insane asylum (if the asylum is incredibly expensive and gives its patients form-fitting dresses). There are also lots of cuts to “unsettling” images like tigers fighting and bugs crawling all over each other. Still, all the creepy bugs in the world can’t distract you from the fact that Rihanna has an amazing voice and is totally hot.

via E! News Online

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