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Celebrate National Fast Food Day With These Drive Thru Pranks [VIDEO]


It’s November 16, which means that it’s finally National Fast Food Day! Obviously America doesn’t need to be reminded about fast food. We’re usually known as the fattest country in the world. But we love fast food here so much that we might as well set aside a day to honor our favorite fried, unhealthy but admittedly delicious national cuisine. To pay tribute to this glorious day, we’ve put together some of our favorite pranks that have been played on drive thru employees and drive thru patrons.

Working at a fast food restaurant is probably hard enough, and you wouldn’t think that terrifying the employees would be a nice thing to do. But once they’re done screaming, it seems like they kinda like it.

If you thought that fast food employees freaked out when they saw a headless costume, wait until you see them freak out after they think the driver got shocked to death. This one is a little more cruel and maybe a little funnier.

We hope that this is actually how Stone Cold Steve Austin would order his fast food. This clip is a little long, but try not to laugh when Stone Cold keeps screaming “What?!”

If you like comedy where someone bothers innocent and unsuspecting people, then you should thank David Letterman. In this classic clip, Letterman works the drive thru at McDonald’s and messes with the customers.

After annoying the crap out of people at McDonald’s, Letterman went to work at Taco Bell. We hope he ended up making Employee of the Month.


  • COED Writer