Today Is The 9th Anniversary Of Nicolette Sheridan Dropping Her Towel On MNF [VIDEO]

Ah, yes. 2004. The magical year in which Monday Night Football was still on ABC, Desperate Housewives ruled the airwaves and Terrell Owens led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl. Who would’ve guessed that in just the next year T.O. would make the Eagles implode and a little time later Desperate Housewives would fizzle out of memory and Monday Night Football would sink, then rise back up again with ESPN? Maybe everyone, but who cares. It was 2004, dammit! Everything was coming up America unless you count a few wars and the economy. But who does?

Doesn’t matter how long ago it was, Nicolette Sheridan could make that towel dance and then some. Even now at the ripe age of 49 she can bring the heat. And I’ll fully admit with no shame that Desperate Housewives was a guilty pleasure of mine. Okay, maybe a little shame, but can you fault me? Look at this minx!

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