Man Buys PS4 At Midnight Launch, Does The Intelligent Thing And Immediately Smashes It [VIDEO]

ANARCHY IN THE USA!!! Such a f*ching rebel to destroy something daddy’s hard earned money just bought.

This fine young gentleman staked out Best Buy at the midnight launch of Play Station 4, bought the console for $399.99 (plus tax) and promptly gave the expensive item the Al Capone treatment from The Untouchables. Must be nice to wait all the time and spend what most people struggle to make in a week on something most individuals would kill to have, then promptly smash it into smithereens. Maybe Dez Bryant isn’t such a bad man after all as he bought a bunch of people waiting in line for PS4’s in Dallas what they wanted.

The least he could’ve done is invest in a better wardrobe before becoming a viral jackass. Pajama pants? Grow up, Peter Pan. Count Chocula. It’s 2013 and your parents are rich enough to where you can buy needless necesseties and destroy them right away. The least you can do is don some better slacks. Have some respect for yourself, kid.

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