The 45 Sexiest Colombian Women For ‘The Day Of The Colombian Woman’ [PHOTOS]

When the revolutionary¬†Policarpa Salavarrieta was executed by firing squad in 1817, she knew that she would become a martyr for Colombian Independence. Did she know that her country would become internationally renowned for cocaine, the violence associated with the drug, and sexually attractive women? Probably not. But that’s what the nation has become.

And you know what? Colombia’s a pretty f*cking awesome country if you ask us, which makes Policarpa a pretty f*cking awesome woman.

Unfortunately her looks left a lot to be desired (and that was before she had bullet holes in her body), so we’re just going to go ahead and show you some photos of some more visually pleasing women instead. Here are the 45 sexiest Colombians who are guaranteed to have the same fire that was in Policarpa.

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