Japanese Fast-Food Chain Creates Bacon Cubes

The end of the world as we know it is called into consideration when the Japanese start one-upping the United States in matters of fast-food and, especially, in matters of bacon (because who loves bacon more than us?). One of Japan’s most popular fast-food chains, Lotteria, will begin serving a limited edition Bacon Cube Deluxe Cheeseburger or should I say, Kakugiri Beekon Zeppin Chiizu Baagaa, starting on November 29th.

If the picture doesn’t already have your mouth watering, the description of ingredients will. The burger is covered in a  creamy white sauce infused with truffle oil, containing truffle bits and bacon cubes. We’ve heard of bacon strips, we’ve heard of bacon bits and we’ve even heard of bacon-flavored beer. But bacon cubes?  The fact such an amazing and life-changing invention has not reached the mouths of us Americans is disturbing and morally wrong.

I should also mention that despite the fact the burger is made with truffle oil, which ranges from $20-$200 a bottle, it is being sold in Japan for 420 yen which converts to about four U.S. dollars. I would have been willing to pay way more than that… so six, maybe even seven dollars to get my hands on that thing. Never again will I be satisfied with just plain old strips of bacon on my cheeseburger or bacon bits on my pizza. This Japanese creation sounds like a greasy, chewy, artery-clogging dream come true McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s have yet to recognize.

Bacon cubes are best bacon innovation of 2013. Here are the best of 2012:

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