Everything A Guy Should Know About “FIFTY SHADES OF GREY”

We know that you were really excited about the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Or at least maybe you were a little excited about the idea of seeing a multiplex full of regular gals going to see a movie based on a kinky sex novel. We’ve certainly been inspired by seeing all kinds of housewife types reading the book in public.

But now we’ve learned that the production of 50 Shades of Grey has been postponed. That’s after Charlie Hunnan bailed out of the lead role, and maybe some internal debate at the studio over how kinky things will get in the screenplay. To make up for that, Entertainment Weekly landed some pics of Dakota Johnson in character as the novel’s innocent heroine. The pics are too innocent.

Anyway, the delay gives newcomers a chance to go on to¬†Fifty Shades Darker. That’s the second in the series of books. Maybe you didn’t know that Fifty Shades of Grey was just the first in a series. Maybe you’ve been feeling like you should know more about this whole Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. Good thing we have a summary right here that’ll get you excited–even if it’s just getting excited over how a really dopey book can still get women interested in kinky bedroom fun. Don’t get too excited, though. If Fifty Shades was really kinky, we’d tell you to read it. Instead, we’ll save you some time and money….

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