October 14, 2013: Carmen Electra’s 15th Wedding Anniversary: Why Dennis Rodman Did It

Oh, it seemed like a big joke when Dennis Rodman married Carmen Electra on October 14th, 1998. He was the flashiest member of the Chicago Bulls, and already baffling America with his tattoos, dyed hair, and talk of bisexuality. Carmen was kind of the dark Jenny McCarthy of the decade. She had started out as a Prince protege, and it’s kind of hard to believe that the song “Go Go Girl” didn’t make Carmen a proper pop star in 1993.

Instead, Carmen had to find her fame on the syndicated Baywatch. She only joined the cast for one season in 1997, but that’s all it took for Carmen to bust out big. She began an instant celebrity, and wisely chose to move on to a classy television series–although Hyperion Bay was still an early casualty on The WB network. The show got most of its attention from Carmen joining the cast.

Carmen Electra (born Tara Leigh ┬áPatrick) was still a big name at the end of the ’90s. She started out the new millennium parodying Drew Barrymore’s Scream role in the surprise hit Scary Movie. Carmen’s opening scene probably brought in a lot of guys. She’s still working steadily as a hot babe who can always deliver the comedy goods. (She just did a fine short for Funny or Die.) We just wish that Carmen wasn’t working in movies like Meet the Spartans and Date Movie. It was nice to see her in Epic Movie as Mystique, though.

Carmen’s marriage (in Las Vegas, natch) to Dennis Rodman was over in five months. It was just a crazy ’90s celebrity kind of thing. Rodman even tried to get the union annulled after five days. Her marriage to rock star Dave Navarro only lasted a few years, too. That seemed more tragic. We thought those kids would make it work. Instead, something else will probably get working as we look at the Carmen of past and present–and keep hoping that she’s up for Husband #3…

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