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Would You Do 30 Squats In Lieu Of Paying For The Subway Fare? [VIDEO]


Correction: Could you do 30 squats in lieu of paying for the subway fare? Because in Russia they’re setting up vending machines giving out free rides left and right. Time to step up your game fatty cause it’s harder than it looks. Can you imagine if they set this up in NY or at a bus station in, say, rural Mississippi? With the amount of McDonald’s per capita in the states, it might be damn near impossible for most Americans to earn a free ride on mass transportation.

All in all, this is just another example of how thankful we should be the Cold War never went hot. Russians forcing their average citizens to exercise ranks up there in craziness with them literally driving into rivers and decapitating each other and playing soccer with the heads in the streets. No thank you, Motherland.

COED Writer