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New “MALEFICENT” Trailer: Angelina Jolie Roofies Sleeping Beauty


Disney just put out the first trailer for Maleficent–and, boy, is it maliciously magnificent. Angeline Jolie is hot as hell in horns and promises to be just as sinisterly seductive. Evil is sexy–as Disney should know as an evil empire.

Maleficent, of course, is the upcoming live-action movie from Disney that tells the story of the witch who roofied Sleeping Beauty. The trailer is narrated by Aurora (played by Elle Fanning), who’s the soon-to-be snoozing beauty herself. She has been stalked throughout her childhood by an unseen force. She sees this presence as some kind of a protective shield, but her vision is a little cloudy.

“I know who you are,” says the princess. “You’ve been watching over me my whole life. I know you’re there. Your shadow, it’s been following me ever since I was small. Don’t be afraid.”

As it turns out, we wouldn’t mind if Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie had been following us all of our lives. Even is she is dolled up like a dominatrix doing cosplay as Loki. Angelina’s character of Maleficent enters with  hypnotic eyes glowing in the dark of the forest,and she is Terror. The best looking Terror Disney has ever put on screen.

Then we get Maleficent mesmerizing the young beauty with the twirl of a spinning wheel, before the witch llocks the castle up tight with a menacing and impenetrable vine of thorns. Right there, we’re sold on Malfeficent as a live-action Sleeping Beauty story as told from the witch’s side.

All the poor witch wanted was to protect that forest kingdom, but some one dropped a dime on her, and now she takes it out on Aurora. Maleficent hits theaters on May 30, 2014–and also stars Sharlto Copley as the prince who overcomes Aurora’s decades-long morning breath to bring peace to the kingdom.

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    Tony Sokol is a writer, playwright and musician. He has written for Silver Tongue, Wicked Mystic and other magazines. He has had over 20 plays produced in NYC, including Vampyr Theatre and the rock opera "AssassiNation: We Killed JFK". He appeared on the Joan Rivers (TV) Show, Strange Universe, and Britain's "The Girlie Show." He was born in Brooklyn, NY.