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Yes, This Michael Jordan Game Of Beer Pong Happened [PIC DUMP]


Last weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami, Michael Jordan played a game or two of beer pong with some guests. As many people have been quick to point out, the GOAT has zero qualms about leaning way over the table with his 6’6″ body.

If you know anything about MJ, this is such an MJ scenario. First off, he wants to win regardless of how he does it.

Second, he’s dressed like a bum.

Third, there are zero photos from behind Jordan’s back so you can’t see who’s winning or losing (according to one bystander, he lost to the groom a wedding party).

And finally, the guy on his team is doing everything he can to be like Mike. Cigar? Check. Air Jordan shirt? Check. Also dressed like a bum? Check.

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