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Emily Ratajkowski Is Sheer Loveliness In GQ December [PHOTOS]


GQ knows what the people in 2013 want: Emily Ratajkowski. That’s why they put her on the cover of their November 2013 issue. That’s why they had Terry Richardson shoot her. And that’s also why they were very sneaky and saved a couple of photos of her in a see-through bra from the November issue–they’re planning to use them in the December issue. (they’re on reddit right now)

We¬†have zero problems with that and frankly, that’s the way we like it. Emily’s photos are a real treat and we need them doled out to us in small batches. Preferably in airplane form.

Does that make us children? Yes. But we’re children with exquisite taste.

Anyways, it looks like GQ is looking to include a spectacular round-up of women in their upcoming December issue so it makes complete sense that they’d want to include a woman like Emily. Check out those two new photos below, then head on over to GQ to see what they’ve got in store for you.

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