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Bar Rafaeli Gets Rid of Disfiguring Birthmark, Shows Off Bikini Bod [Photos and GIFs]


Bar Rafaeli finally had surgery to remove that disgusting birthmark from her left hip. You know the one that we mean. That mole? On her left hip? That was so totally horrible and distracting that Bar Rafaeli barely counted as the Hottest Woman of 2012? Yeah, that one. Bar Rafaeli finally had it removed. She wants us all to know that she’s back to normal, as well. She posted this pic via her Instagram account

But to really put us guys at ease, Bar then also posted a picture of her in a bikini. As you can see, Bar isn’t nearly as disgusting now…

Just imagine how sexy Bar Rafaeli is going to look now once she gets that disgusting Band-Aid off of her hip. Yeah. She might even be able to remain the highest-paid model in the world. You know, we were only giving her all of that money before out of sympathy. We felt bad that she had to kiss losers like that nerd in the Super Bowl commercial, and…um, Leonardo DiCaprio. We’re very excited to see that Bar can finally start living life as a normal human being with an incredibly hot bod and one of the most adored faces in the history of Western Culture.

Let’s not neglect Bar’s brave baring of her bod before, though. She was always so brave. Here’s a gallery of GIFs where you can carefully examine Bar’s physique before a brave surgeon corrected her terrible problem. Some people say that it was God’s will for Bar to be so grotesque, but we say God doesn’t make junk–and your junk will still see Bar’s inner beauty right here…

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