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Watch An Australian Man Go Through The Road Rage Of The Century [VIDEO]


Aw, Crikey! Mate must have replaced the shrimp on the barbie with bath salts from the alley.

The 34-year-old man definitely got a bad batch of something as his tirade of the freeway lasted for a solid 10 minutes. Normally this sort of behavior against cars is reserved for animals on safari, but this gentleman obviously decided he was good enough to take on the steel beasts, too. No word on how many stitches he received from headbutting the vehicles but a reasonable guess would be around infinity.

“I wasn’t going to confront him because the guy wasn’t getting knocked out running into cars.” Smart move by the pedestrian. Especially when the authorities showed up and had to give him most likely some sort of horse tranquilizer to finally put him to sleep.

COED Writer