Uma Thurman Gets Lesbianic and Exotic for New Campari Calendar [6 Photos]


We confess that we haven’t been giving Uma Thurman a lot of thought lately. She was pretty sexy as a modern Medusa in Percy Jackson & the Olympians, but it’s been a few years since Uma gave us a thrill like in Kill Bill. As it turns out, though, Uma Thurman is already looking like one of the sexiest names of 2014. (In our defense, Uma did make our list of the 32 Hottest Cougars in Hollywood.)

Anyway, all this hotness is courtesy of Uma’s starring role in the new 2014 Campari Calendar. We prefer Ol’ Rotgut ourselves, but Campari is a fine alcoholic liqueur–actually, a bitters–that serves up as a vibrant crimson. That’s why Campari has dolled up Uma in crimson outfits that show off an exceptionally hot bod for a proper MILF. Especially a proper MILF who’s turning 44 this coming April of 2014.

The Campari Calendar is also a nice showcase for Uma’s acting skills. You get to see her a Mardi Gras reveler, a an Asian-influenced harlot, a skull-making seductress, and–hey, who’s that handsome guy sporting a Stella McCartney white cotton shirt and red wool trousers while romancing a lady on a balcony? Psych! That guy is a fabulously blonde and butch Uma.

The lesbianic pose if for August–so we’ll assume that’s supposed to represent 2014’s hottest month. We’re certainly getting hot and bothered on this snowy day at the COED headquarters. Check out our favorite shots below, and enjoy the rest of the calendar via Campari–who already have us ready to toast both their fine liqueur and even finer taste in calendar girls. We won’t neglect you again, Uma…

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