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Olga Kurylenko: 46 Reasons To Make Her Wonder Woman


We’re a little baffled at the big breaking news that Elizabeth Olsen is set to play the Scarlet Witch in The Avengers sequel–since we were excited when Samuel L. Jackson let that news slip over a month ago. We’ve already moved on to wondering who’ll play Wonder Woman in what’s reportedly a role in the upcoming Batman/Superman film from director Zack Snyder. Jaimie Alexander got us fantasizing–especially with these pics–but now we’re hearing that her turn as Lady Sif in the Thor films comes with a contractual clause that keeps her from other comic-book adaptations.

And so we rush over to Olga Kurylenko as the leading contender–who, to be honest, may not even have to look good in a Wonder Woman outfit. There’s a good chance that the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming film may actually emphasize the heroine’s alter-ego of Diana Prince. There’s a lesser chance that the movie will have Wonder Woman joining the pantheon of lesbian superheroes. Yeah. That’s a shame.

Anyway, we know that DC Comics is very eager to catch up with the Marvel Comics universe at the multiplexes, and we can expect the upcoming (and still untitled) Batman/Superman movie to set up other heroic franchises.¬†Olga Kurylenko has already kicked ass as a Bond Girl, and the French gal is about to turn 34 years old on this coming Thursday. It would be a fine birthday present to announced Olga as the next actress to portray the Amazon Warrior. Just check out these pics that’ll get you feeling all wonderful about her in the role…

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