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Rejoice! Scientists Creating A Booze That Will Get You Drunk But Not Hungover


There is…a God? Mankind has been feasting on booze since the beginning of time but has never been able to overcome the dreaded hangover. Nothing has worked. Coffee. Cold showers. Those pills that might as well be advertised along with those Magic Tonic Potions being sold out of a wagon in the 1880’s. But now science is finally giving something back after taking so, so much (damn you for confirming the effectiveness of condoms!).

The magical drinks, as The Guardian reports, still need to be tested extensively and be accepted by the scientific community. Apparently all the bad effects like killing brain cells, damage to the liver and overall alcoholism still exist, but if you’re able to go out and have a bender without the worries of making physical love to your toilet and the bathroom floor, who cares?

We certainly don’t. In fact, if anyone over in the labs need test subjects, come on down to the COED offices. We’ll drink enough to make this drink FDA certified by sundown.

COED Writer