November 12, 2013: Arianny Celeste’s 28th Sexiest Pics for Her 28th Birthday

It was 20 years ago today–that being November 12, 1993–when the first Ultimate Fighting Championship Event was held in Denver, Colorado. That was the same day that Arianny Celeste was turning 8 years old. My, how they both have grown. Now we’re cheering on foxy boxer Miesha Tate as she brawls her way to a UFC video box cover, and…well, we’d pretty much follow Arianny Celeste anywhere as the Octagon Girl of our dreams.

We’ve ogled Arianny Celeste’s Instagram account, and marveled at her GIFs, but now we’re going to celebrate her 28th birthday with 28 of her sexiest pics. That wasn’t really a struggle to find. Arianny has been working with the UFC as a ring girl for seven years now. She fit right in, too, having started modeling while majoring in fitness management and nutrition at UNLV.

Arianny (born into the world as the much less exotic-sounding¬†Arianny Celeste-Penelope Lopez Marquez) quickly stood out amongst the Octagon Girls as a gal who looked ready to jump into the ring herself. She’s a hot-blooded mix of Filipino and Mexican, and Arianny quickly grew her own following even as the UFC became a major player in sporting events.

Sadly, Arianny hasn’t been in a hurry to move on to acting. She made a quick cameo in last year’s boxing comedy Here Comes The Boom, and Arianny’s certainly showing lots of star power as the host of the internet show UFC Ultimate Insider. We know that there’s ¬†a lot more to Arianny than just the UFC in her future–but for now, let’s look back at her sensational past and her sexiest pics…

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