National Sundae Day: Spiked Ice Cream Treats To Warm You Up

National Sunday Day has arrived one day after the coldest weekend we’ve had here at COED Headquarters–so there’s some good timing. Basic physics, however, says that if you’re cold, then there’s no better way get warm than with something colder. For people who failed Physics, the best way to stay warm is with a little alcohol added to the mix. Which is to say that we’re continuing that grandfatherly tradition of facing a nip in the weather with a little nip.

Booze-infused ice cream sundaes are also obviously healthy. Ice cream is a cure-all for depression, even winter depression, provided you’re not lactose intolerant or battling diabetes. What’s a party without ice cream? For that matter, what’s a party without alcohol? Booze also cures the blues. Put the two together and what you have is a party in your mouth that you want to invite everyone to.

For the uninitiated, start with a basic, a White Russian. White Russians are one of the easiest drinks to make, some vodka, some Kahlua and some cream. Well, substitute that cream by putting some vanilla ice cream in a blender and you’re ready for anything nature might throw at you.

Nothing says happy sundae better than a banana split with some Crème de Menthe or Crème de Cacao poured liberally on three scoops of your favorite flavor ice cream. Put a little whipped cream and dig in. Celebrate the upcoming freeze with a pre-emptive strike. It’s kind of like a cold toddy and it will warm your very soul.

Happy Belated National Harvey Wallbanger Day! [VIDEO]
Happy Belated National Harvey Wallbanger Day! [VIDEO]
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