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Miss Universe Unveils Her Million Dollar Swimsuit [PHOTOS]


Gabriela Isler of Venezuela is the newly-crowned Miss Universe–and we’ve already admired her many fine pics on the night that she won. It turns out that the Miss Universe party is only getting started, though. Consider that Gabriela is now modeling a Million Dollar Swimsuit. Of course, some of us thought that we were looking at a Million Dollar Swimsuit when Gabriela paraded in our living rooms as Miss Venezuela in the swimsuit competition. But now–yeah, there’s a swimsuit worth a million dollars.

It turns out that part of the Miss Universe titles included Gabriela Isler becoming the new spokesperson for the Italian swimwear and lingerie designer Yamamay–which already gets us yammering that Miss America should try something similar. Anyway, the marketing geniuses at Yamamay (we’re serious about that) have put together a swimsuit that’s studded in diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.

That’s about 900 assorted stones to get worked up to being an Official Million Dollar Swimsuit. We’re not saying that this is an honor up there with the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra (to be modeled by Candice Swanepoel this year, and Adriana Lima in the past), but that swimsuit is still pretty cool. And here you can see Miss Venezuela Universe modeling the impressive garment. Sadly, there was no daring jewel thief willing to take the risk of running off with the thing–and, yes, that would’ve certainly been wrong.

Still, we’d pay a lot of money to see The Great Million Dollar Swimsuit Heist in 3D at our local theaters, if anybody in Hollywood ever cares to run with that idea. Here’s more inspiration–plus a few pics of Miss Universe in an ordinary bikini, if there is any such thing…

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