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Miss Universe Olivia Culpo Loses Crown, Still Has Nick Jonas (Damnit)


Olivia Culpo was Miss Universe until Saturday night, when she gave up her crown to Miss Venezuela–aka Gabriela Isler, although we just have her listed by her initials on our speed dial. Anyway, don’t feel sorry for Olivia Culpo. Unless, that is, you want to feel sorry for how she’s dating Nick Jonas instead of a studly COED editor. Or you could feel sorry for us, since Nick Jonas now has a lot more free time with Olivia Culpo–and right after he’s finished up filming those tiresome sex scenes with Isabel Lucas.

We should note that some gossipy types say that following the love life of Nick Jonas is about as fanciful as following the romances of Robert Pattinson or Jake Gyllenhaal. We can’t imagine what those gossipy types are trying to imply. We can, however, imagine life with Olivia Culpo by our side. We wouldn’t even care if she wasn’t Miss Universe, either. We’d have dated Olivia back when she was a mere Miss Rhode Island.

Of course, that was before Olivia became the first American to win Miss Universe since Miss Hawaii managed the honor back in 1997. We’re not even sure if Hawaii was a state back then. We are sure that we’re looking forward to enjoying more of Olivia now that she’s freed from the tyranny of being a wholesome Miss Universe. We just wish that she was dating…um, R. Kelly, or some other musician that represented more of a wild side. These pics still show off some pretty daring poses…

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