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Miley Cyrus Smoked A Joint and Fought Violence at the MTV EMAs [PHOTOS + GIF + VIDEO]


So how did Miley Cyrus top her MTV Video Music Awards performance for the MTV European Music Video Awards? Well, she didn’t even try. Miley actually toned down the twerking at last night’s ceremony in Amsterdam. Well, except for the sex dwarf that was brought out to spank Miley…

At least it was a female sex dwarf. Miley has used male sex dwarfs before. Now we got some lesbian action. But what’s really making the news, of course, is Miley casually enjoying a joint while accepting the award for Best Video for “Wrecking Ball.” She made a big production out of that damn joint, too. Miley took the stage, made a joke about the award not fitting in her purse, and then–hey, look what she found in her bag…

We should probably mention here that we have plenty of sexier Miley GIFs. Don’t be too impressed by Miley’s marijuana, though. Pot is legal in Amsterdam. Well, at least in amounts of five grams or less, so Miley Cyrus wasn’t in danger of being tossed into a women’s prison where she might be spanked by full-sized ladies. Although that’s certainly a nice thought.

But the sex dwarf and the joint wasn’t all that Miley Cyrus brought to the MTV European Music Awards. Miley also wore a sharp dress that had her taking a firm stance against violence in rap. Specifically, rap in the 1990s, as Miley dolled herself up in a dress that saluted the slain heroes Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. It’s kind of a splashy dress, but technically more toned down again than we might have expected. She’s still looking pretty hot, though–so enjoy look and proper video of Miley enjoying her tokenism…

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