UFC Fighter Miesha Tate Might Knock Out Some Video Game Immortality [23 Pics]

EA Sports is about to release their next version of the EA SPORTS UFC video game–and surely there is no higher honor for a fighter than to be featured on the video game box. Just ask Jon “Bones” Jones, who’s already set to appear on the packaging. Now it’s up to UFC fans to choose the champion facing off against Jones.

But do you want to see two smelly men on the cover of what’s likely to be one of your favorite video games? No, you do not–which is why we’re very happy to see Miesha Tate going into Round 2 of the elimination brackets. That’s right, sports fans: UFC is letting the players choose the box art. The fine folks of UFC moved quick to weed out the women, too. The very first round had Miesha Tate up against Ronda Rousey (see her here) as the only ladies in competition.

And now we know that Miesha is moving on to hot new competition. Well, we don’t mean “hot” as in “attractive.” Alexander Gustafsson is a very handsome man. Still, all we’re trying to say is that Miesha is going up against a very popular fighter in the second bracket. Consider this the official call to start supporting Miesha by voting via Twitter.

We don’t expect all UFC fans to be as liberated as we are in supporting strong women in sports–so we’re doing our part for Miesha by reminding you of the gal’s many fine talents. Sure, she has what it takes to physically defeat a COED editor. So does Justin Bieber. We don’t want that guy on our video game boxes, either. But let’s take the time to admire the fit physique of Miesha Tate, and ponder how nice it would be to see the built brawler adorning the EA SPORTS UFC cover. We’d also ponder why EA SPORTS UFC is always spelled in capital letters, but Miesha is too distracting…