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Amazon Mayday Gal Amy Paffrath on “2 Broke Girls” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Amy Paffrath on 2 Broke Girls

(9:30 PM EST, CBS)

Who’s the girl that’s got the guys punching “Mayday” on their Amazon Kindles? That would be the amazing Amy Paffrath, who’s currently charming America as the face of Amazon’s customer assistance in Kindle ads. A lot of men have fallen in love with her thumbnail video–and now Amy Paffarath is filling up our living room screens with an appearance on tonight’s 2 Broke Girls. (That series, of course, has also gifted us with the likes of Ally Maki and Annie Baria.)

All we really know about tonight’s episode is that the titular Girls get to dine at a very exclusive restaurant. We’re pretty sure that Amy Paffrath is dining at plenty of exclusive restaurants nowadays–even if she’s dining off some pretty weird fame. Amy’s always been more than an actress, though. The ravishing redhead has already spent several years in front of the camera as a television personality. She’s got the right kind of skewed sensibility for that kind of thing, too. Amy’s a little too hip for the networks, but she’s done lots of fun work for joints like Direct-TV.

Amy has also began to work regularly in the indie biz–and really caught some eyes as the vain bad girl in the Paramore video for “Misery Business.” We were also extremely thrilled to see Amy making a genre move with her role in the Full Moon production Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong. We would’ve been watching that one even without Amy in the cast.

Anyway, check out Amy’s many amazing looks here–both as herself and as fascinating characters. You’ll start punching your own “Mayday” button. Just don’t be expecting for her to appear. It doesn’t really work like that. We’re considering a class-action lawsuit…

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