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This Freezer Can Chill Your Beer In Under 45 Seconds [VIDEO]


Wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out a way to get drunk faster and help save the environment? Well, now you can with this new high tech freezer.

The new Enviro-Cool V-Tex freezer can chill a room temperature can of beer to 41 degrees in less than 45 seconds, a 12 ounce glass bottle in less than 4 minutes and a white wine bottle in less than 8 minutes. You won’t be able to buy this until some time next year, so start saving your money now. It’s never fun to save money, but you’ll be doing yourself and the entire planet a favor.

V-Tex is currently working on a commercial version for this product to be used in convenience and liquor stores. You know how every time you go into a store there is an entire wall of refrigerators that are keeping drinks cold? Imagine how much energy could be saved if those were completely unnecessary. Even if you think global warming is a myth, you can’t argue with a quickly chilled brew.

We’ll have to wait and see how popular this product becomes when it’s finally available, but we think a product that helps you get buzzed and save the world will be pretty popular.


  • COED Writer