Jessica Sonneborn on “HELLO LADIES” [See Her Tonight]

Jessica Sonneborn on Hello Ladies

(10:30 PM EST, HBO)

We’re getting too reliant on HBO’s Hello Ladies to supply us with a hot young actress every Sunday night–but it takes place in a Los Angeles where a gal as hot as Jessica Sonneborn ends up playing a casting assistant instead of a hot young actress. That’s an embarrassment of riches. Jessica Sonneborn, however, probably isn’t embarrassed at all to know that we first caught her as one of the hottest talents in the New England indie film scene. [Say hello to other Hello Ladies ladies Bree Condon and Natalija Ugrina.]

As you might guess, that means that we saw Jessica in a lot of genre films that look like they were filmed in somebody’s back yard. That includes the notoriously inept (and proudly retro) 2005 slasher film Camp Gore. We won’t pretend that we saw potential stardom there, but we’re also not surprised that Jessica went on to Los Angeles and moved on to better productions. That doesn’t necessarily include Jessica’s lead role in 2010’s A Lure: Teen Fight Club–but we would’ve been happy if that tale of underground catfights had been the basis for the big-screen 21 Jump Street.

Jessica Sonneborn is still on the rise, though. She recently returned to her New England roots to star in the upcoming thriller The House Across The Street, where she’s paired with veteran actors like Eric Roberts and Alex Rocco. Jessica is also the writer and director of the upcoming ghost story Alice D.–so you’re dealing with a lot more than just another pretty face and killer bod here. You can get a lot more insight into all that via her blog and Twitter account.

For now, let’s check out some pics of this dangerously talented gal right here, and let Jessica provide some other kinds of thrills later on…

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