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The Syfy Channel couldn’t get Sharknado 2 together in time for November Sweeps–but they’ve managed the next best thing with Cassie Scerbo starring in tonight’s Beast of the Bering Sea! Cassie caught plenty of eyes as Sharknado’s most imperiled blonde. Yes, we admit that Tara Reid was some serious competition, but Cassie was representing a new generation of Syfy sirens. Mainly, those who are starting off their careers instead of taking a perfectly legit step back into genre work. (See also: Kaitlyn Leeb.)

Cassie was very busy as a teen actress, but she first caught our eye with a turn on CSI: Miami–which brought us to her work on the teen Olympians series Make It Or Break It. It was still a big surprise to see Cassie in Sharknado. We doubt that her agents expected for Sharknado to take off as a big deal, but we’re still glad that Cassie got the chance to be part of a big project. We’re even happier to see Cassie continuing to embrace some Syfy stardom.

We’re really, really happy to see Cassie enjoying a wild life that’s often caught in plenty of Twitpics. She’s a girl on the go, and you’ll see from this gallery that Cassie isn’t shy about hanging out with fellow beautiful babes. These aren’t all Twitpics, of course, and you’ll see why Cassie is also in demand as a model–but her film career couldn’t be going better. She even has an upcoming film that pairs her with martial arts legend Sonny Chiba. That’s baffling, but it’s a glamorous life. You’ll want to follow  it (and Cassie) on Twitter once you marvel at these magnificent shots…

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