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Miss Venezuela Is Your New Miss Universe: Here’s Gabriela Isler [32 Photos]


It may have felt more like an epic infomercial, but the Miss Universe 2013 Pageant still ended on a beautiful note–with Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler being named the official Miss Universe. Yeah, she was much sexier than that Miss Venus who kept waving around all those tentacles. But seriously, folks, it was pretty amazing when the winner was announced. Especially because it was so totally confusing. We’re pretty sure the big moment was actually kind of fumbled.

The important thing is that we have a new Miss Universe. It’s always chaotic during those vital few moments when the crown sits empty. Fortunately, we were already distracting ourselves by pondering all of the contestants. (Much like you’ll want to ponder the Miss Universe contestants of 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.)  Anyway, Miss Venezuela sure seems like a nice gal. According to the official Miss Universe website, “Gabriela currently works as a talent on the Venevision TV Network, but considers motherhood the hardest profession in life.”

She isn’t a mother herself, of course, but Gabriela has a niece. That’ll give you an idea about parenthood. You’re going to certainly want a better idea about Miss Venezuela Universe–even if you’re thinking, “Big deal, this is the third Miss Universe title won by Miss Venezuela over the past six years.” That’s simply closed-minded. We say that you should give the poor gal a shot at being celebrated as a singular beauty. Just check her out now…

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