November 8, 2013: Tara Reid’s 40 Hottest Pics for Her 38th Birthday

Tara Reid turns 38 years old today–and the joke’s on everybody who’s treated the blonde beauty like a joke in the past. That’s courtesy of a film called Sharknado. Yes, you might have thought that last year’s American Reunion was going to be Tara Reid’s final shot at stardom. That was before Sharknado became the Little Syfy Movie That Could Become an Internet Sensation.

Never mind that Syfy would’ve been better off if a better (or more fun) film had become a big deal. Tara Reid was suddenly being talked about again. Some of us have thought that was overdue. We know that there was a long stint when Tara seemed tied with Natasha Lyonne as the biggest trainwreck to emerge from the American Pie films. Tara was a favorite to some guys, though–mostly for how she mixed a quirky beauty with a classic bangin’ bod. (Check out all of the American Pie gals here.)

She had some real talent, too. Check out Tara in Dr. T and the Women and her stint on Scrubs. Of course, Tara was mostly shining before she got more interested in partying than performing. Sharknado has given Tara a chance to reestablish herself, though. She even managed to survive the first movie’s ecological mayhem–even though her role as the leading man’s ex-wife seemed to make her destined for being shark bait.

Maybe the producers just couldn’t bring themselves to take a gal like Tara and waster her as shark food. We sure couldn’t–although you’ll be ready to devour these 40 amazing pics of Tara as we celebrate her 38th birthday. They’ll get you excited over Tara’s career getting a revival. We’re even happier to announce that Tara is still working the A-list on B-films. That includes the latest entry in the Wild Things series called Wild Things in Europe 3D. Our eyeballs are already poppin’…

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