Return of the Sports Illustrated #Buttcam and #Boobcam [27 Photos]


Sports Illustrated is back shooting hot models in sexy swimsuits–as has once again been revealed on the Instagram account of M.J. Day. The lady who oversees the wonders of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is once again posting teaser images to let us know that there’s an important magazine in our future.

Don’t give M.J. a hard time, though. She knows that there are few trivial pursuits that are more fun than guessing which model is giving us a glimpse of her bod. Check out the picture below and  put your deductive powers to use on this backside…

And see if you agree with us that those breasts (or maybe the ones above) belong to Chrissy Tiegen

Yeah. It’s a fun game. And it’s certainly a great way to keep us excited. Well, we mean, excited about the upcoming Sports Illustrated issue. In fact, we’ve collected all of our favorite BoobCam and ButtCam shots from this year so far. It’s fun to ponder the mysteries of the universe–or, more accurately, ponder which enticing body part belongs to which glamorous Sports Illustrated model. We like to think of it as our first sneak peek at the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Take a look for yourself. We’re pretty much convinced that Genevieve Morton is in there…

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