Kaley Cuoco GIFs Get You Bouncing With Happiness Over Her (Alleged) Wedding


So everyone’s wondering if Kaley Cuoco really and truly got married on Ellen yesterday. We’d be more excited if Kaley Cuoco got married to Ellen, but that’s just us. The important thing is that Ellen managed to score during Sweeps Week by getting Kaley to the altar with her tennis-playing beau Ryan Sweeting–who at least had the presence of mind to mutter, “This isn’t legal, right?”

We don’t know if it’s legal, either. Certain celebrities–like, um, Jane Garofalo–have been known to goof up with this kind of thing before. We can assure you, however, that we’re already giving a lot of thought to Kaley’s wedding night. Well, mostly about the unveiling of the bride, if you know what we mean. We’ve given some thought to Ellen’s wedding night, too. We’re not ashamed to say that. In fact, Ellen could’ve really scored during Sweeps Week with some wedding night video. But this Sweeps Week is really all of November, so there’s still a chance for that.

Anyway, we raise a toast to Kaley and her husband (whose name we’ve already forgotten) with these glorious GIFs that’ll also have you bouncing with joy. We’d add a funny joke about a Big Bang Theory in your pants, but weddings –even on talk shows–are solemn occasions. We will, however, do some shilling by noting that you might also want to check out Kaley’s fine work as a single gal for Maxim and FHM UK. Now here comes the beautifully bouncing bride….

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