Justin Bieber Shouldn’t’ve Hung Out With A Woman Seriously Into Selfies [58 PICS]

We’re thinking that this whole Morning-After (Non) Sex Tape scandal can work out really well for Justin Bieber. It was just a few years ago that everyone assumed that Justin was gay. (And what a waste that would’ve been of Selena Gomez.) He’s seemed a lot more heterosexual lately–even if just by acting like a particularly obnoxious frat brother some nights. And now we have Justin Bieber being seen snoozing while Tati Neves sneakily tapes some video that strongly implies the pop star has spent the night bouncing on the Brazilian bikini model.

There’s no proof that Justin really indulged in Tati’s ta-ta’s, of course. His management is saying that the video just might be another guest’s documenting of the aftermath of a party. We’re really hoping, however, that Justin enjoyed a jaunt on Ms. Tati’s Wild Ride. She’s a hot gal–and the winner of theĀ 2012 Miss Bikini Wellness Pageant–but Tati doesn’t exactly seem unattainable to us. In fact, Tati seems like the kind of Brazilian bikini model that an average COED editor might be able to pick up while on vacation.

We’d be bragging about it, too–but then, we’ve never slept with Selena Gomez. We’re just saying that it’s kind of cool that Justin might have ended up with a built broad like Tati Neves when he could have any Brazilian model that his heart (and other parts) desired. We can relate to Justin Bieber, and we never thought we’d say that.

Also, much like Justin Bieber, we’ve made the mistake of having sex with women who share way too much information. It turns out that Tati Neves really enjoys sharing pics (and video) of herself. Especially selfies. Check out this big gallery of the big girl and see some real exhibitionism at play. Tati might not be your type, but we’d say that she’d make for one fine Brazilian vacation…

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