Daryl Hannah on “Hawaii Five-0” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Daryl Hannah on Hawaii Five-0

(9:00 PM EST, CBS)

You know who was the most influential sci-fi figure of the 1980s? Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner. The cheap VHS sci-fi movies for the rest of the decade routinely featured gals made up like the punk-look replicant that Hannah played in the 1982 hit. That was just the start of Daryl’s stardom, though. She followed up Blade Runner with the splashy (and controversial) menage a trois movie Summer Lovers. That one got a lot of hype over sex and nudity, but bombed at the box office. It would’ve helped if Daryl and Peter Gallagher had been sharing Valérie Quennessen instead of just the two gals sharing the guy. (Hawaii Five-0, of course, has shared gals like Michelle Borth, Jesiree Dizon, Taylor Cole, and fellow ’80s icon Rebecca De Mornay.)

Daryl didn’t do much better with the teen drama Reckless, but finally made a big…um, splash as Madison the Mermaid in 1984’s Splash. Tom Hanks ended up with the major stardom, but that’s partly because Daryl Hannah didn’t play things safe. Her next lead role was in the bizarre cave(wo)man movie Clan of the Cave Bear. Then she got to make the prestigious Roxanne with Steve Martin in 1987.

Daryl was icily impressive as the mistress shared by Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen in Wall Street, too. She still couldn’t carry her film stardom into the ’90s. Her bod sure held up through the decade, though–as plenty of guys gladly noted when the indie stripper drama A Night at the Blue Iguana began to show up on cable in 2001.

She was always working, but it was still a big deal when Quentin Tarantino brought Daryl back to the multiplexes in the Kill Bill films. Daryl is also looking good in the Zombie Night movie that premiered on Syfy over this past Halloween–and we’re excited about the upcoming Skin Traffik, which reunites Daryl with Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts. Those direct-to-video veterans were also the three leads in 1984’s The Pope of Greenwich Village.

But now we have Daryl Hannah on tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 as a scheming realtor with an eye for younger men, and that’s a big deal, too. You’ll agree when you see some of the more recent pics included with this look back at Daryl’s amazing–and amazingly sexy–career. You’ll definitely want her surfing into your living room tonight…

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