“Greatest Event in TV History” Pretty Much Counts as Adam Scott Gets “Too Close for Comfort” [VIDEO]

It was his third try and Adam Scott was feeling the heat. “The wait is over,” he promised. “The stakes are high, human life will be risked, hair will be displaced, people will be inconvenienced–and when it’s all over television history will be made, probably.”

On last night’s installment of Greatest Event in TV History, Jeff Probst lowered expectations by renaming the show “An Event in TV History”. That’s because he had strong doubts that a parody of the early-80s sitcom Too Close for Comfort would fulfill Adam Scott’s promise. Probst’s theory was supported by the testimony of “The Tallest Bearded Man in Los Angeles.”

But then we got the shot-by-shot recreation of the Too Close for Comfort opening–creating nostalgia for something people forgot that they were ever supposed to have even seen. Adam Scott takes over Jim J. Bullock’s role with Jon Glaser taking on the part of Henry (originally played by legendary comic actor Ted Knight of Caddyshack and The Mary Tyler Moore Show). There’s a surprise guest in Nancy Dussault’s role, while Chelsea Peretti substitutes for Deborah Van Valkenburgh and Kathryn Hahn filling in where Lydia Cornell.

It was an event, though. An event in TV history you’ll be talking about, until you stop talking about it.

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