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Victoria’s Secret Casting Session: Dream Job, Dream Girls… [VIDEO]


Are you excited about the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airing on December 10th at 10 pm EST on the CBS network? Yes, you probably are. We didn’t meant to insult you by suggesting that you have to be reminded that the show airs on December 10th at 10 pm EST on the CBS network. Anyway, the fine folks at CBS have thoughtfully provided a fascinating video of models auditioning for the show.

“But,” you say, “surely Victoria’s Secret already has all the models chosen.” That’s not quite right, though. Sure, we know that Candice Swanepoel will be modeling the 2013 Fantasy Bra. But, as this video reveals, there are still about 18 to 20 openings for exciting new faces–and we’re very excited to see them auditioning here.

As we learn from Casting Director John Pfeiffer, “A  lot of girls literally fly in for the casting for this.” That doesn’t surprise us. Victoria’s Secret is a big name on any model’s resumé. Monica Mitro is in PR for the brand, and she helpfully adds that the gals need to be more than just pretty faces: “They can’t just walk the runway. They have to really perform…We really interview them as well, because we want to see what their personaltiies are like, because they really are all spokespeople for the brand.”

We’ve told you people that a Victoria’s Secret model really needs to have a good personality before we date them. We like these potential Victoria’s Secret models, too. Sara Sampaio comes across as exceptionally cute. We also like the amiable Martha Hunt, who projects a lot of confidence while explaining why she’s enjoying the auditions: “There’s no hair and makeup. You just go as naturally as possible and work it.”

Yeah, that seems to work for her. This video should do the job for you–if you know what we mean–as you watch the Victoria’s Secret executives enjoy a dream job of watching gals audition for their dream jobs. Get dreaming now…

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