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Olivia d’Abo onĀ Elementary

(10:00 PM EST, CBS)

A perfect world would treat an Olivia d’Abo guest spot as a big Sweeps Week event. Instead, the underrated sex symbol has already enjoyed her small-screen peak as a recurring serial killer on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. It was criminal that Olivia didn’t enjoy a career revival as a homicidal librarian. Now we can only hope that Olivia d’Abo is getting another chance to showcase her femme fatale ways on tonight’s episode of Elementary–which is really a Sweeps event for the return of Rhys Ifans as Sherlock Holmes’ smarter brother. (We also thought it was a big deal when Callie Thorne appeared on the show.)

Olivia d’Abo still deserves a lot of attention–and she really has gotten a lot of turns in the spotlight. She was practically London royalty as the daughter of Swingin’ Sixties model Maggie London and rock ‘n roll frontman Mike d’Abo (of the original Manfred Mann band). Olivia scored a flashy film debut, too, starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1984’s Conan the Destroyer. That was the same year that she almost upstaged Bo Derek in the schlock film Bolero–mostly known as a sexy bomb that had both stars baring their bods.

Bolero wasn’t good for anybody’s career. It made Olivia seem like an exploitation star instead of a real actress. The good news is that sent her to some fun direct-to-video trash in the ’80s. Olivia was too talented to be ignored, though. Her cousin Maryam d’Abo got to be a Bond Girl in 1987’s The Living Daylights, but Oliva was always working steadily–and enjoyed a long stint into the ’90s as a spacey ’70s hippie gal on ABC series The Wonder Years.

That helped Olivia move into some fine indie film work in the ’90s–where she also pleased her male fans with daring scenes in movies like Live Nude Girls. She’s a lesbian in that one, and also returned to the small screen to seduce Neve Campbell in a couple of episodes of Party of Five.

Nowadays, Olivia is a Geek Goddess with plentiful voice work on superhero cartoon series. She also moonlights as an surprisingly talented musician. Check out this gallery for pics of early Olivia, along with some of her later work. That’s not a still from Bad Grandpa. It’s Olivia with Kirk Douglas in a 1994 comedy called Greedy. Also, we’ve included a pic of one of Olivia’s superhero cartoon characters because–well, don’t go judging us…

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