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November 7, 2013: Get Happy Over Melyssa Ford’s Birthday [30 Pics]


We had some fun a few weeks ago leering looking at the world of real-life Jessica Rabbits–but nobody’s embraced the title like the amazing Melyssa Ford. This exotic babe was working as a bartender in a Toronto nightclub when she was discovered by a music video director (and clothing designer) named Little X. We won’t give Little X too much credit, though. It’s not like Melyssa Ford was easy to overlook.

We’re still surprised that Melyssa was willing to start working with Little X as a video vixen. We hate to think about how much money we would’ve been tipping the tempting bartender every time she asked if we needed another drink. Anyway, Melyssa spent the ’90s being one of the most attractive things about the Canadian hip-hop scene. A lesser lady would’ve done some posing and then got tired. There’s nothing lesser about Melyssa Ford.

Melyssa started the new millennium with a move into the international hip-hop scene. Melyssa–who had already worked under the name Jessica Rabbit–shook up the world with her curves in the video for Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin.'” (Let’s also note that Melyssa isn’t the only stacked babe who’s gone by the name Jessica Rabbit. Check out this gal.) Melyssa then helped turn 2000 into a true Year of the Lord as guys gasped, “Oh, my God” at her turns in more videos by Ghostface Killah, Mystikal, and Sisqó. That last video was for a remix of Sisqó’s “Thong Song.”

She began working as an actress that same year–and landed a memorable cameo in last year’s Think Like a Man–but Melyssa’s really become a dream gal when she gets to do on-air hosting duties and show off the sharp brains packed into that beauty. (It’s also fun to follow Melyssa on Twitter.) Check out these pics for a powerful look at an amazing bod. She’s only 5’4″, too, so you’re looking at a genuinely petite powerhouse…

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