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Don’t Be Robophobic: New “Robocop” Trailer Reveals Plenty Of Plot [VIDEO]


Hey, weren’t we just talking about our most anticipated movies of 2014? The new trailer for the RoboCop reboot is out, and it promises a few laughs along with the action. Maybe too few. After all, the original RoboCop was a political satire as much as it was an adventure pic. Peter Weller gave those circuits and wires some humanity and developed his own philosophy that couldn’t be programmed. Now this new Robocop trailer opens with Samuel L. Jackson making a political plea for the country to put down its “Robophobic” domestic policy and let the machines clean up the streets. It’s supposedly working everywhere else in the world.

Of course, the Robocops from all around the world–as we learn from this new trailer–all look like scary alien monster machines. That might not be a good sell here at home. So Michael Keaton comes up with a machine with a conscience. “Someone,” he explains, “who knows what it feels like to be human.”

That leads to OmniCorp putting a man inside a machine–whose name is still Alex Murphy, as played by Joel Kinnaman.

Anyway, it seems that Detroit in 2028 is pretty much the same as it is now. It’s economically depressed and crime is running rampant. People are breaking things. It’s a mess. So we once again see a sci-fi saga about a robotic patrolman taking on criminal scum while also dealing with big emotional ramifications.

The biggest change seems to be that OmniCorp is going for a uniform in basic black. That’s not threatening in any Darth Vaderish kind of way. Anyway, check out the trailer and decide for yourself how hotly you’re anticipating this one…

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