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Japanese Women Now Free To Open Wide At Freshness Burger [VIDEO]


It’s Meat Month here at COED and we applaud the efforts of burger joints worldwide as they find new ways to bring meat to the masses. The bigger the bite, the better.

Japanese women who don’t want to spoil their delicate image when digging into a big burger have a friend at Freshness Burger. The fast food chain discovered that their new supersized classic burgers weren’t a big seller with women. Why? Because they were too big to eat daintily.

Women in Japan think that small mouths are beautiful. Culturally, this is called “Ochobo.” They are also very polite and cover their mouths when chewing. Cramming mouthfuls of meat, no matter how delicious it might be, past their luscious lips opens them to the ridicule. A large, open mouth is considered ugly and rude.

Freshness Burger introduced the “Liberation Wrapper.” The new wrapper frees Japanese women to chomp away at their burgers while covering up their gaping mouths. “Liberation Wrappers” cover their mouths with a false “Ochobo Mouth” that is seen publicly. This lets them dine with dignity. Behind the wrapper, they are free to open as wide as they want and no one is the wiser. On the outside, people only see the “Ochobo Mouth,” behind the wrapper they can take big, juicym mouthful bites.

The Liberation Wrapper is a big hit. Sales of Freshness Burger’s Classic Burger jumped 213% in a month. Japanese TV loved the idea, broadcast special reports on it. It caught on with a grateful social media.

Japanese women are free of the spell of “Ochobo Mouth” and meat wins a big victory.

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